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Well Restored for Cornish properties.

Aquasource (sw) Ltd has successfully completed the refit of a disused well incorporating a water storage tank, pressure set and water filtration.

The system was designed to meet the water needs of 3 individual cottages and a small holding.

For more details on our range of water related services please contact Steve on 01726 824837 or email 

Installation of water borehole system for a large farm and private houses

New Mains Replacement Private Water System Installed

A new system installed to replace the existing mains supply feeding around 200 cattle as well some private houses.
The system is installed in a new shed, complete with water filtration, potable storage tank and twin variable speed booster pumps, ensuring perfect water pressure at all times.
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New Install for Private Customer with low mains water pressure.

Filtration and Treatment

Installation of water borehole and water filtration at a private property near Blisland

Aqusource has drilled a water borehole and completed the installation of a pressurised potable water supply for a residential property in Cornwall.

The water is treated to a potable standard and the system replaces the existing mains supply that was leaking and had very poor pressure.

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Nice Day for Groundsource Drilling

Aquasource (SW) Ltd t/a Groundsource South West has completed two new Groundsource boreholes for a client on the Lizard peninsular.

As you can see the weather was outstanding.

The holes were fitted with 32mm groundsource probes, pressure tested and grouted on completion.

We will then install a two way manifold and connect the boreholes back to the Ground Source Heat Pump.

More information on Groundsource Heat Pump Drilling please contact Roger Wedlake or Andy Lutey .

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New Large Pond in Cornwall Constructed By Aquasource

New Pond Created

Aquasource SW Ltd have successful created a large recreational pond on a property near St Austell. Aquasource carried out all of the works required to excavate, shape and line the pond. before re seeding the ground.

The pond is also filled by a private water borehole also drilled and commissioned by Aquasource SW Ltd. For any similar projects you may have please contact Andy on 01726824837

Water Pressure:-Low Pressure on Mains Solved

The Problem:- Low Water Pressure

A client in Cornwall contacted us complaining that the water pressure supplied by the local water supplier was not high enough to meet their demand.

Our clients had recently refurbished their property to a high standard. Their plumbing contractor, Pip Kevern Plumbing and Heating, needed a bigger supply to effectively run the new showers and baths.

The local utility could not supply the water pressure required due to the very long pipe length and small size of the mains supply.

Because we have worked with Pip many times in the past to solve water supply problems for his customers. Aquasource was asked to come up with a solution.

Consequently Pip Keverne and Aquasource worked together to solve the clients problem.

The Solution

We suggested that a booster set attached to a storage tank would be a much cheaper and equally effective alternative  to a new, bigger, and very expensive incoming main supply from the utility provider. .

We installed an electronically controlled booster set to a pressurised system. Also  a debris filter to filter out any dust.

To sterilise the water we fitted a u.v disinfection system.

This system supplies the house with all the water it could need.

The system was designed to fit in a small out house. This was due to space constraints in the property.

The system was installed and commissioned in one day. Consequently our customer can now shower in comfort without having to worry about a lack of mains water pressure.

The job is in Cadgwith, On the lizard, in Cornwall.

Water Pressure Boosting SystemWater Pressure Boosting System

The photo shows the Debris filter, ultra violet disinfection, tank and pressure set installed in a small outhouse.

Contact us ff you have problems with low mains water pressure. We will provide a cost effective solution to your problem.

Aquasource will diagnose the problem. Specify the solution and efficiently and neatly install and commission the required plant.

For more details please contact the office on 01726 824837 or email

Aquasource (SW) Ltd are a leading provider of private water systems, water boreholes, Ground Source Heat Pumps and construction Services.

We operate throughout Cornwall and West Devon

Ground Source Heat Pump Boreholes in Newquay

Aquasource (SW) Ltd t/a Groundsource South West have completed 10 boreholes for Ground Source Heat Pumps at a new housing site in Newquay. The  use of Ground Source Heat Pumps will enable the  properties  to be Zero Carbon Homes.

Geothermal hole details.

Due to expected ground conditions drilling technique used for the Ground Source Holes was down the hole percussion. This technique  enables holes to be drilled through hard solid rock.

The Ground Source holes were drilled to a depth of 85m, probe inserted and grouted with Geothermal Grout from the bottom up.

The Geothermal grout seals the holes, provides good heat transfer from the ground to the probes and  prevents contamination of the ground water by dirty surface water. Bottom up grouting ensures that the holes are filled completely with no gaps that may prevent efficient thermal transfer. This can be due to partial hole filling and is to be avoided if possible.


Ground Conditions

The holes were completed despite some very challenging ground conditions which tested the ingenuity of our drillers to the limit!

This was because a near horizontal layer of soft clay needed to be overcome to enable the successful insertion of the Ground Source Geothermal Probes.

Consequently all the holes  were cased through  the clay zone into the stronger rock below.

The amount of water encountered during the drilling also posed problems for the drillers.

The wetness of the holes however is good news for the performance of the Ground Source Heat Pump system.

More Information

Working Principle of Ground Source Heat Pumps

Working Principle of Ground Source Heat Pumps

For more information on our range of services for Heat Pumps including drilling and ground works, Electrofusion jointing and the supply and installation of the Kensa range of Heat Pumps in commercial and domestic properties please contact Roger Wedlake on 01209 862874, 01726 824837, 07980499619 or email

You may be able to claim for Government support through the Commercial or Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive schemes. Please contact us for more details or follow the links.


Wheal Vyvyan, Coastline Housing | Kensa Heat Pumps – Ground Source Heat Pumps

Source: Wheal Vyvyan, Coastline Housing | Kensa Heat Pumps – Ground Source Heat Pumps

Aquasource (SW) Ltd provided the drilling and Groundworks for this very successful project!

More details to be found here 

Update:- This project has been nominated for Best Renewable Energy Scheme at the Regen SW Green Energy Awards.