Water Borehole Drilling and Installation

Save up to 80% of your water costs by installing a water borehole system.

  • We Supply the Complete Package for Devon & Cornwall.
We will
  • Survey the site
  • Seek necessary permissions from the Statutory Undertakers if required*
  • Drill and line the hole to the required depth with WRAS** approved Liners
  • Specify and Install the pump
  • Test the water and specify/design the water treatment system required.
  • Supply and install the required water treatment system using National Water Hygiene qualified personnel.
  • Create an ongoing maintenance schedule and service the system as required.
  • Provide a 24 Hour Call out service  if you have no water.

This ensures that you have a single point of contact if there are  any ongoing issues with your system.

We have drilled water boreholes in most areas of Devon and Cornwall and because of this we have access to an extensive database of information on borehole water quality and quantity. This gives us an unparalleled position on advising our customers on their chance of a decent water borehole supply.

Borehole Drilling Cornwall

Pictured: Water borehole drilling – water found!

Pictured: Commercial Water Manifold installation in Cornwall

Why have a water borehole?

Water charges, especially in the South West are ever on the increase. Restrictions on supply can be arbitrarily applied in times of drought preventing people from watering their crops and plants,  washing their cars or filling swimming pools etc.

A number of incidents affecting mains water quality have reduced people’s confidence in the water they are drinking. Mains water contains chlorine and possibly fluorine and traces of other chemicals needed to keep the water bug free on its journey from the water treatment works to your home.

The Water Borehole Solution

Whether you are miles from the mains, have an unreliable or contaminated shallow well or are worried about hosepipe bans or contamination of the public supply, the answer is your own borehole… Enjoy natural, untreated borehole water, with no added chemicals – indeed most bottled water brands come from water boreholes.

Slash water costs by up to 80% – with no meter, all you pay for is the cost of electricity to your pump and for maintenance of your system. Better yet, no licence is needed for private users abstracting less than 20 cubic metres of borehole a day – that’s 20 tonnes of water! (England and Wales)

We provide a complete one-stop shop solution including pump, controls and UV filtration if needed. You need to be sure when you have a water borehole drilled, that it is properly constructed and will serve you for a very long time.

Aquasource will always fit top casing to prevent the ingress of potentially contaminated surface water. All our boreholes are fully lined with slotted and plain casing. All casing materials meet the specifications of the WRAS (Water Regulation Advisory Scheme).

We are always happy to come out on site and meet to discuss your requirements for a water borehole and we never charge for quotations.

We are fully insured both for product liability and professional indemnity.

For more information, call 01726 824837 and ask for Mark or Dave or visit our contact page.

GroundSource Drilling

Pictured: Borehole drilling in Cornwall

* Not normally required if the system is expected to utilise less        than 20 m3 a day

** WRAS :- Water        Regulations Advisory Scheme

*** National Water Hygiene Cards Scheme