Zero energy PAPA Pumps

If you're lucky enough to have a stream or river running through your premises, you may benefit from having a PAPA pump installed.

Deliver water at the point of use for your farm, off-grid property or small holding.

A RAM pump requires no electrical supply and uses the power of a flow of water at a lower location, to pump a smaller volume up to a higher location.

The pumps we supply can pump water up to a head height of 100m depending on the details of the installation. Using chain trenching techniques, Aquasource can install PAPA ram pumps with minimal disruption.

PAPA pump systems may be eligible for support under the LEADER grants scheme, depending on circumstances.

The already award winning PAPA Pump is made from high quality Italian Composite which has drinking water certification (WRAS). Used for delivery heads up to 100 metres (10 bar) the patented PAPA Pump has numerous uses in the Water Utility, Agriculture and Humanitarian Sectors.

System Features and Benefits

A typical system would comprise a small upstream manhole to collect the water and a downstream manhole housing the pump connected by a 50 or 75mm MDPE pipe. There will be a drain from the downstream manhole to take away surplus water and a smaller (25mm or 32mm) pipe to take the pumped water to where it is needed.

The benefits of a PAPA pump:


Pictured: PAPA Pump install at Davidstow, Cornwall

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