Rainwater Harvesting

Save up to 50% of your metered water costs.

By recycling your rainwater using rainwater harvesting, an Aquasource supplied and/or installed Harlequin rainwater harvesting system can help save up to 50% of your metered water costs. Meters are provided free of charge from most water companies, so the sooner you fit a Harlequin system the sooner you can start saving.

Aquasource are the Cornish Distributors of Harlequin’s range of rain water harvesting solutions and can provide a full service including design and installation. ​

Pictured: HydroStore 1500 Garden Harvest

HydroStore rain water harvesters

With the recognition of water as a valued commodity, Harlequin Tanks has invested in the design and manufacture of a new range of simple and unobtrusive rainwater harvesting systems – ‘HydroStore’

The HydroStore allows full capacity storage and, when installed above the natural water table, it does not require a concrete surround. The lower part of the body has vertical flats which allow interconnecting pipework and the linking together of multiple tanks to provide greater storage capacities.

The HydroStore has been designed to minimise materials and installation costs. The base of the tank is flat which helps with installation and allows complete drainage of the tank when cleaning. The cover is retained using a single bolt and can be removed completely to leave clear access. Surface water is directed down past the lid and turret to soak away into the surrounding soil.

Ultimately, these tanks become air pockets under the ground, allowing their volume to be flooded with recovered and usable water. Above ground, they do not impede on available space which can be used for more diverse, practical and imaginative purposes.

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The installation of the HydroStore couldn’t be easier or more cost effective. The overall design of the tank is aimed at reducing costs from delivery to installation. Aquasource can provide a competitive quotation for a full installation service.

Carbon Footprint

‘Carbon footprint’ is a measure of the impact our activities have on the environment and in particular, climate change. It relates to the amount of greenhouse gases produced in our manufacturing activities and transportation.

In all cases, advice should be sought from the local authority Environmental Health Department.

It may also be necessary to consult: British Standards 8515:2009 Rainwater Harvesting Systems Code of Practice – bsigroup