Diamond Concrete Drilling and Cutting

Aquasource have the equipment and personnel to carry out all diamond concrete coring and concrete cutting up to 600mm in depth and 1200mm in diameter.

Diamond Concrete Drilling

Aquasource have the equipment to drill holes through concrete and masonry up to 1200mm in diameter. Electrical and hydraulic powered equipment is available.

Masonry and Concrete Wall Diamond Concrete Cutting

Diamond wall concrete cutting or sawing is an efficient solution for precision openings in concrete or masonry walls. Our equipment is powered by electricity, petrol / diesel, and ideal for the cutting out of doorways, windows, reducing wall heights and forming lift openings and many other applications.

Concrete Floor Diamond Cutting

Diamond saw concrete cutting is used for cutting concrete slabs such as floor slabs and pavements. Our concrete floor saws are available to cut concrete up to 600mm in depth.

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