pH Correction Media - pHlocrite™

pHlocrite ™ is a synthetic, high magnesia, semi-calcined dolomitic limestone filter medium for the removal of carbon dioxide, iron and manganese from water. It also provides automatic pH control and adjustment of the Langelier Saturation Index, establishing well balanced water through simple filtration.

Uses of pHlocrite™

Key features


pHlocrite ™ acts both chemically and physically raising the pH, hardness (calcium & magnesium) and alkalinity, and diminishing acidity (excessive carbon dioxide) until the point of saturation is established (SI=0). The treated water deposits a highly protective, complex and dense ‘rust lime’ film which protects ferrous pipes and tanks against corrosion and cuts contamination by lead, zinc and copper. Also, due to the irregular shape of the porous grains, pHlocrite ™ provides maximum surface area per unit volume which improves the removal of turbid matter.

Heavy metal removal

The removal of heavy metals is achieved due to the alkaline milieu on the surface of the pHlocrite ™. Metallic ions (if present) are trapped in the form of their insoluble hydroxides including lead, cadmium, copper and zinc.

Optimum performance

The advantage of our synthetic dolomite mix over the natural product is that pHlocrite™ results in optimum performance through positive and precise pH adjustment. All grades are very competitively priced and extremely economical to use, an additional bonus being the lower running costs of the magnesia grades which extract more carbon dioxide per unit weight. It requires no dosing equipment and fits into any gravity or pressure filter tank, placed as a layer on top of a conventional sand bed.

Selection of pHlocrite™ grade

pHlocrite™ Grade B

CaCO3 / MgO is the preferred grade for mineral acid neutralisation and corrosion control for hard waters containing excess CO2. Grade B is used in cases where higher activity is required for reduced reaction time or where it is employed mainly for pH correction in recirculated water systems such as swimming pools using acidic disinfectant when the make-up water is high in calcium. It is also very suitable for the neutralisation of mineral acid waste such as that discharged from ion exchange regeneration plants.

pHlocrite™ Grade E

99% CaCO3 /<1% MgO is a very high purity carboniferous limestone comparable and, superior to, other more expensive water treatment products on the market. It is crushed, milled, dried, screened and classified to produce an end product of exceptional purity and consistency.

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