Rock and Soil Anchoring

Aquasource SW Ltd. supply and install a complete range of soil nails, rock bolts and rock anchors for the temporary or permanent stabilisation of slopes and rock faces.

Rock Bolts and Rock Anchors

Rock anchors are post tensioned tendons installed and secured into rock. The anchor force is transmitted to the rock by either cement grout, resin or mechanical means. We work with local engineers to provide a cost effective solution to your slope stability problem. Because we are a local Cornish Company, we understand the access restrictions that many sites in Cornwall and the surrounding counties face.

Typical applications include:

  • Anchorage of retaining walls
  • Temporary works for protection from spalling or loose rock
  • Rock bolting and meshing of near vertical rock faces
  • Stabilisation of steep slopes and embankments
  • Stabilisation and local support of underground excavations
  • Prevention of uplift (floating) of tank structures
  • Anchoring of foundation bases of silos, wind turbines etc.
  • Masonry structure stabilisation for historic buildings, bridges etc.

Pictured: Rock anchor installation

Rock Anchoring

Pictured: Soil stabilisation of a slope in Cornwall

Soil Anchoring

Soil anchors and soil nails are installed in soils or loose rock, and transfer force into the surrounding ground mass using a grouted tendon, rope or bar. Essentially, soil anchors are used for similar applications to rock anchors:

  • Anchoring of support systems for excavations, such as temporary retaining walls
  • Stabilisation of steep slopes; often in conjunction with geotextiles
  • Anchorage of guy wires and cables for temporary structures
  • Anchorage of field shelters and stables to prevent wind damage

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