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Mini Piling at Porthmear

Mini Piling at Porthmear Beach
Mini Piling at Porthmear Beach

Aquasource SW Ltd has been piling at Porthmear Beach, St Ives for a new build house.

Not a bad little spot to work!

The contract called for a mix of 6″ and 8″ rock socketed ‘ODEX’ minipiles.

These will support the foundations of the new house.

The method of pile installation is suitable for small tight access sites such as this one and produces a minimum of mess and disruption on site.

For more details on our range of foundation and ground stabilisation services phone roger on 07980499619 or email

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Barn Conversion Mining Related Problems Solved

Aquasource were asked to come up with a solution for a client who wished to convert a barn which was underlain by old Mine Workings.

Demolition and rebuilding was an option but we suggested the use of a series of cantilevered beams supported on tension and compression rock socketed mini piles.

A design was produced for us by the John Knevitt practice of Wadebridge and we started by installing the mini piles to bedrock.

A series of pockets were made in the foundations of the property to transfer the load to the beams.

A long slab was cast incorporating the piles and beams and supporting the mining affected wall over its whole length.

This proved to be a cost effective way of saving the building without demolition and rebuild.

For further details please ring Mark Blake on 01726 824837 or email

1. Tension and Compression Piles Dug out and Ready for Beams