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Aquasource Water Services

Aquasource (SW) Ltd are a local family run business with 20 years of experience in the private water industry.

We can supply full packages including water boreholes for new supplies, filtration and water treatment systems for existing supplies, rain water harvesting and grey water systems and private treatment plants for waste water.

Private Water Boreholes

Private Water Found!

Water Found!

Save up to 80% of Water Costs with your own supply, you only pay for electricity and filtration if required.

With over 20 years of water borehole drilling experience with both commercial and domestic borehole supplies we are able to offer you advice regarding Quality and Quantity. We have drilled boreholes in all areas of Devon and Cornwall and access to this extensive database of information on borehole water quality and quantity give us an unparalleled position on advising our customers on their chance of a decent borehole supply.

For more details contact Mark on 01726 824837 or click this Water Boreholes

Private Water Treatment Systems

Aquasource  (SW) Ltd have all the knowledge and expertise to specify, supply, install and maintain the correct water treatment system for your private water supply.

This can range from simple filtration to remove silt particles and Ultra Violet ( UV) Sterilisation to a full system package of bespoke filtration to remove iron and manganese and other contaminants.

Rain Water Harvesting

Save on your water costs

By recycling your rainwater using rainwater harvesting, an Aquasource supplied and/or installed  Harlequin rainwater harvesting system can help save up to 50% of your metered water costs. Meters are provided free of charge from most water companies so the sooner you fit a Harlequin system the sooner you start saving.

Off Mains Waste Water Treatment Systems

Sewage Treatment Plants

Aquasource can supply and install a full range of Sewage treatment plants for Private and Commercial Applications.

We will handle all the necessary permits and deal with all required statutory authorities.

Our Sewage Treament Plants are Certificated to European Standard EN-12566



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