Ground Source South West

Ground Source South West provide ground source heating services to businesses and households throughout the South West of England.

A ground source heat pump extracts natural heat from underground to warm your home and water supply. It's economical and sustainable.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

We can design and install a complete ground source heating system for your property. We will also take care of the drilling and ground works required for both horizontal and vertical systems. We only install individually factory tested and certificated PE100+ crack resistant loops in our boreholes with quality control an important aspect of our work.

How do they work?

The ground beneath our feet is like a giant heat storage battery which maintains a nearly constant temperature throughout the year. A heat pump exploits this natural phenomenon by using the ground to supply heating to your property.

A water/antifreeze solution is circulated through pipes in the ground which extracts heat. This is then upgraded by the heat pump to a usable temperature to heat the property. The exchange of heat with the ground can be achieved by the installation of horizontal pipes in trenches (slinkies) or vertical pipes (boreholes).

The benefits of a ground source heat pump:

  • Financial incentive
  • Add value to your property
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safeguard against rising fuel prices
  • Low operating costs
  • Compatible with under floor heating
  • Fuel storage not required
  • Zero carbon emissions

Up to 3kW of free heat from the ground can be obtained for every 1kW of electricity used.

Horizontal or vertical collectors?

Choosing between the two types of installation will come down to the available space for a geothermal pump installation, the area which requires heating and your budget allowance for the project.

Horizontal (slinkies)

Horizontal Collectors

Also known as 'slinkies'. One or more coils of polyester pipe are laid in horizontal trenches, typically 30-50 metres long and 1-2 metres deep.
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Vertical (BOREHOLES)

Vertical Collectors

One or more vertical boreholes are drilled and crack resistant HDPE pipes are installed to a typical depth of 75-100 metres.
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Use the government’s online calculator to obtain a free estimate of the likely returns. Click the logo for more information.

Reduce your bills and carbon footprint

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a UK Government financial support scheme for renewable heat. Its purpose is to compensate for the cost of installing a ground source heat pump, providing a long term rate of return and fast payback.

End users will also benefit from the significant fuel cost savings brought with the installation of a safe, reliable, sustainable and renewable technology, providing a generous total benefit. Systems can cost from £6000 for a small property and will attract government support through the RHI Scheme.