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Aquasource have a range of groundworks equipment including minidiggers, moling tools, dumpers and pipe laying equipment.

We can lay cables or pipe over any distance and any surface with a full reinstatement service provided if required.

Laying Pipe using a Chain Trencher

Laying Pipe using a Chain Trencher

The chain trencher can trench to a maximum depth of 1.2 meters by 100mm wide.  The advantage of using a chain trencher is that this machine creates its own soft bed for the alkathene to lay on, and therefore generally eliminates the need for back filling around the pipe with sand. It also leaves the ground with minimal disturbance due to the small width of the trench.

We can mole under roads and paths to minimise disruption and reinstatement costs.


Pipe Laying with Chain Trencher

Pipe Laying with Chain Trencher

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Groundworks Trenching and Pipe Laying

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