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Ground Source Heat Pump Drilling at Crackington Haven

Ground Source Heat Pump Drilling at Crackington Haven




Advantages for Second Homes and Holiday Lets of installing Ground Source Heat Pumps

Security:- With the current price of heating oil, thefts from
unattended properties are becoming more and more common.
Ground Source Heat Pumps do not need any external store of
Ease of Maintenance:- Ground Source Heat Pumps do not
require any routine maintenance or safety checks.

Control:- When setup and configured you can decide what
degree of control the users of the property will have. We can also
install remote control options if required so that you can warm the
property up before travelling down. If installed on radiator
systems the warmup times are short. With underfloor it may take
longer to reach a satisfactory temperature.

Environmental Impact:- Having no unsightly oil tanks to be
installed the Ground Source Heat Pump runs at efficiencies of
up to 400%. Coupled with a low carbon tariff, the heating and
hot water carbon footprint is much lower than most competing
The threat to the local environment from leaking oil tanks is also
Kensa Heat pumps are manufactured in Cornwall minimising
the transport costs and providing local employment.

Government Incentives:- From October 2012 the Government
has announced that it will pay a subsidy on the basis of all units
of energy extracted from the ground. We await the
announcement of details of the rates to be paid but believe that
they will be significant.
Running Costs:- Ground Source Heat Pumps have significantly
lower running costs than comparable oil or lpg systems.

Basic Requirements for Ground Source Pumps Suitability

Ground Source Heat Pumps work most efficiently in modern
houses or refurbished properties that are reasonably well
insulated. Houses built or refurbished under Building Control
supervision in the last ten years should be suitable subject to

Houses that are currently installed with wet underfloor systems
should pose few problems with conversion. Houses with
radiators and separate hot water cylinders, open vented or
sealed can be converted with the possible requirement to
upsize some or all of the radiators.

Houses with combi boilers are more difficult to convert but
subject to survey in most cases can have Ground Source Heat
Pumps installed.

It will be necessary to install the ground collectors in trenches if
ground allows or more often using boreholes. Most properties
will need one to two boreholes to be drilled.

The size of the pump is carefully matched to the requirements
of the specific property.

For this reason Ground Source South West always
recommend that a SAP Assessment is undertaken before we
can quote for a Ground Source Heat Pump.

If arranged through us we would look to refund the cost of this at point of

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