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Shaft Capping and other Mine Remediation Works

Shaft Capping and Mining Remediation

Mine Shafts At Trewarves near Helston

Mine Shafts At Trewarves near Helston

Because of our mining and engineering background Aquasource (SW) Ltd   have a wealth of expertise and experience with dealing with Cornwall’s mining legacy.

shaft capping for batsAvailable  services include :-

  • Shaft Capping/Plugging of abandoned mine workings and other mining related features.
  • Site investigation ground search  assessment of suspected mining features.
  • Grouting and infilling of  mine workings from surface and underground.
  • Mini Piling, underpinning and repairs to mining affected buildings and other structures
  • Geogrid ground reinforcement installation of  over mining affected areas.
  • Design, manufacturing and installation of  of Grills, fences and barriers to prevent unauthorised access to underground workings or shafts.

We will work with local engineers and architects to ensure the most cost effective solution for your mining problem.

We have extensive experience of working within or adjacent to World Heritage Sites and/or
areas of great ecological or archaeological significance.

If required we will liaise with all relevant statutory bodies  to agree an acceptable method and scheme of work before and during works on site.


Examples of Mining and Shaft capping works  undertaken



Shaft Capping in Cornwall

Shaft capping with access for bats in Cornwall

Large Shaft Excavation

Large Shaft Excavation.

Mining Affected Roads Fixed

Mining Affected Roads Fixed

Rock Bolting in Shaft

Difficult Access :- No Problem


Installation of Cantilevered Beam on Tension and compression piles to support a mining affected barn conversion in Cornwall

1. Tension and Compression Piles Dug out and Ready for Beams




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