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Private Water Treatment Case Studies

Please find below details of a number of private water systems installed by Aquasource (SW) Ltd.


Please ring Mark on 01726 824837 for more details or for a free site visit and quotation




Good Case Study for PAPA Ram Pumps

If you are interested in PAPA Pumps take a look at this case study. For more info on PAPA pumps please contact Steve Ead 01726 824837


Good video about Papa Pumps

Papa Pumps at work in Africa   Don’t just take our word for it! See how the Papa Pump changed the lives of this village in Africa. — Waterpoweredtek (@waterpoweredtek) April 27, 2017     For more information on Papa Pumps please check out our page here or ring 01726 824837 and ask for Steve


Well Restored for Cornish properties.

Aquasource (sw) Ltd has successfully completed the refit of a disused well incorporating a water storage tank, pressure set and water filtration. The system was designed to meet the water needs of 3 individual cottages and a small holding. For more details on our range of water related services please contact Steve on 01726 824837 […]


Water Pressure:-Low Pressure on Mains Solved

The Problem:- Low Water Pressure A client in Cornwall contacted us complaining that the water pressure supplied by the local water supplier was not high enough to meet their demand. Our clients had recently refurbished their property to a high standard. Their plumbing contractor, Pip Kevern Plumbing and Heating, needed a bigger supply to effectively run […]


Bills are down on the farm – netMAGmedia Ltd

Owners of holiday cottages in Yorkshire are benefitting from lucrative RHI payments for a new renewable heating installation. HBD reports. Steve Holtby and Elaine Robinson have purchased multiple ground source heat pump units over the years to provide heating and hot water to a number of luxury holiday cottages that they have renovated on Broadgate […]


Sewage Treatment Installation of 20 Pop Plant

Failed septic tank causing raw sewerage to contaminate the garden area, replaced with a Klargester 20 pop sewage treatment plant and drainage field to serve a holiday cottage complex. New sewage treatment plant installed alongside failed septic tank with drainage field installed in lawn area. Once fully installed, the new system will be connected and […]


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