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Water Samples for Farm Assurance

Water Sampling

Aquasource (SW) Ltd are offering a discount on all water sampling related to Farm Assurance schemes.

Water sampling and analysis is carried out to all relevant industry standards.

If you would like a water sample carried out please contact Aquasource (SW) Ltd on 01726 824837 or email .


Special Offer :- £180 + VAT Ultraviolet Water Treatment Plant Suitable for Caravan Supply or Pond UV System


Pond UVPondUV2
Pond UV 

Sterilite BA-ICE-S.

It has an audible lamp failure alert, lamp replacement reminder, and visual power indicator.

Visual “Power-On”
Audible Lamp Failure Alert
Lamp Replacement Reminder
Visual Lamp Life Remaining
Total Running Time Displayed

Supplied complete with bulb and tube. 

Ready to go.

Suitable for Pond or Small Caravan.

Treats water at flows at up to 2.9 Gallons per minute (0.22 Litres per second)

Installation can be arranged. Please ring for a quote.

Contact Mike on 01726 824837 or email