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South West Water customers have highest bills according to new figures


Time for a borehole?

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Space saving ground array solutions | Kensa Heat Pumps

Source: Space saving ground array solutions | Kensa Heat Pumps

GeoScience returns to its geothermal roots with new power project! | GeoScience Ltd Oil & Gas Consultancy

GeoScience Limited was founded in 1985 as a spin-off from the Hot Dry Rock geothermal research project run by Camborne School of Mines.

Source: GeoScience returns to its geothermal roots with new power project! | GeoScience Ltd Oil & Gas Consultancy

Royal Cornwall Show 2017

Please come and visit us at Stand   553 at the Royal Cornwall Showground from the 8th until the 10th of June.

Hopefully the sun will shine!

Please pop in for a chat about water boreholes, sewage treatment packages, tanks or ground Source Heat Pumps.

We will put the kettle on for you.

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Aquasource at the Royal Cornwall Show


Aquasource at the Royal Cornwall Show


Good Case Study for PAPA Ram Pumps

Papa Pumps Install

If you are interested in PAPA Pumps take a look at this case study.

For more info on PAPA pumps please contact Steve Ead 01726 824837

Good video about Papa Pumps


For more information on Papa Pumps please check out our page here or ring 01726 824837 and ask for Steve

Papa Pumps Install

Groundsource Boreholes completed for local company.

Groundsource DrillingGroundsource Borehole Drilling

Aquasource (SW) Ltd have successfully completed 1280m of groundsource heat pump boreholes on one site for a local company at a project near Wadebridge in Cornwall.

The ‘down the hole hammer’ drilling technique was used to drill the holes.

The borehole comprise 10 number, 127mm diameter holes drilled to a depth of 120m.

There was also a requirement for an additional 80m hole for a separate system on site.

Because a design life of 25+ years was required  crack resistant polyethylene Geothermal probes were inserted into the holes.

To ensure maximum performance the boreholes were backfilled with thermally conductive material.

Header Pipework for Groundsource.

The  required header pipe linkup will also be carried out by Aquasource (SW) Ltd. 

This will involve the installation of an underground groundsource chamber manifold and all pipework needed to connect the boreholes to the manifold and from the manifold to the property.

All pipework will be joined using electrofusion techniques and pressure tested on completion.

For more information please contact Aquasource on 01726 824837 or email.


Groundsource DrillingGroundsource Drilling
Groundsource DrillingGroundsource Drilling

Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water – BBC News

The development could help provide clean drinking water for millions of people who lack access to safe sources.

Source: Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water – BBC News

Sea Wall Repair Completed in St Mawes

Sea Wall Repair

Aquasource have completed a sea wall repair to an exposed wall near the Henrician Castle at St Mawes in Cornwall.

Sea Wall Repair

Before :- Sea Wall damaged by storms

View of Sea Wall Repair


The Sea Wall had been damaged in the storms of February 2013 and our client had engaged Richard Holbrook as a structural engineer to design a cost effective solution. 

Aquasource were then engaged to carry out repairs to the sea wall in accordance with Richard Holbrook’s design.

Because  the is  wall just above the high water mark conditions were tricky.  The sea wall repair was to be undertaken in the depth of winter in an exposed situation.  M & M Scaffolders designed and installed a temporary working platform to allow safe access to the area at all states of the tide. The platform also had to modified to allow for the installation of the self drilling anchors. We were lucky with the weather and were able to complete the works in good time without much interference from mother nature.

The Works

The sea wall repair comprised the construction of a new wall along the base of the existing wall, the installation of self drilling rock anchors and crack stitching to the existing wall.

All materials had to be carried down several steep flights of concrete steps and all the concrete used had to mixed on site from materials carried to the site by wheelbarrow!

Additional works included the a small extra piece of sea wall and the rebuilding of a set of steps that had also been damaged in the storms to allow the client and his tenants easier access to the sea.

For more information of this or for advice and quotes for similar projects please contact Roger Wedlake or phone 01726 824837

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Completion of new water borehole system for Large Dairy Farm

The new system included

The installation of a new borehole system with storage tanks and filtration.

A variable speed pump set with inverter drive and UV system.

The system was designed to feed a large dairy farm with several robotic milking machines.